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With over 10 years of experience in mold inspections, mold testing, and indoor air quality testing you can trust the San Diego Air Quality Pros.

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Why San Diego Air Quality Pros?

Our team of highly-trained and experienced mold and air testing professionals are dedicated to assisting you. Our thorough testing procedure ensures accurate results. Our team will break down the meaning of your testing results, making it easy to understand and what actions need to be taken to improve your air quality.  

If you suspect your home has mold, or poor air quality, call us. We are here to help, and our testing staff is on standby for immediate service. 

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Any Questions?

Air Quality testing times vary depending on the size of the home as well as the amount of samples being taken. A typical 3 Bedroom home with 3 interior samples takes about an hour.

Most Homeowners opt for 24 hour turn around time.  It is the most cost effective option available.  Please inquire about faster results.

Yes, we are able to respond immediately to emergency situations 

Our team will email you your test results, and will follow up with a phone call to review the results with you.

If you suspect mold growth in your home feel free to contact us to learn about your options.  It is in you best interest to utilize an independent mold testing business that specializes in testing and sampling.  We always suggest being wary of Remediation companies that offer to test as results can be easily construed. 

We do not as it would be a conflict of interest. However, there are many local mold remediation companies we can recommend. 

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