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Air Quality Testing Services

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San Diego Air Quality Pros offers several indoor air quality testing services to the San Diego, California area.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Clean & Healthy Air

Clean air is happy air. Did you know that contaminants found in your home or businesses air can potentially cause health and allergy issues. 

If an unsafe mold particles are found in your air, they can be the cause of respiratory issues, general illness as well as allergies.

Air Quality Tip

Changing your HVAC air filter regularly can not only improve AC and Heat performance but also helps filter out contaminants found in your air.

Lead Dust Health Risk

Lead is extremely dangerous to ones health, if you have lead in your home it is important to get your air tested for lead dust.

Lead dust particles in your air bring with it many serious health risks, you are breathing in potentially toxic lead particles every minute you are exposed to unclean, unsafe air. 

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